Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nathan is 18 months!

Well - it's been a whirlwind of a summer so far. But mommy did remember to take my 18 month chair picture! Lately I'm repeating everything. Or at least trying. I say lots more words: tractor, truck, bus, dog, duck, helicopter, tick tick, "wucas" (or something trying to be Lucas), mama, dada, Jetta, cluck cluck, moo, cat, etc. I also communicate really well nonverbally. For example the other day I wanted to go to the pool so I found my swim buoy and took it to daddy. I also LOVE shoes. Trying them on. Hiding them all over the house. Wearing them around the house. In general I love shoes. I also love giving hugs. And laughing. And climbing. I love to push the step stool behind the loves eat and climb up to dive over the back of the couch. That makes me laugh every time.