Monday, October 27, 2014

Nathan is 10 months!

So I'm TEN months today!
Mommy is so on top of it today.

I still love all the things I used too.  I also really love looking at board books.  Climbing in the sandbox.  And I learned how to slide off the furniture on my belly - so I don't land on my head.  I guess that isn't a good idea.  I'm pushing all four of my top teeth through too.

Sometimes I say "mama" and babble "da da".  But I still don't know who is who.

Well I'm going to go climb the stairs or something!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nathan is 9 months!!

Hey guys -
I made it to 9 months (and a few days).

I way a whopping 22lbs 12ozs, and I'm 29in long. I finally have two teeth. And I climb stairs like a champ! Actually I think it's a hilarious game when mommy sits me in the living room to high tail it to the stairs and then I start giggling when she chases after me. Every. Single. Time. I also pull up on everything. I sometimes can open the cabinet doors. And I especially love to open the drawer under the stove and pull out the pans in there.

When I'm outside I love to get dirty. Eat sand, and mulch, and sticks, and pine cones. I also like to go for bike rides in the trailer and watch luke ride his bike "wiff pedals and a chain". And I love slides!