Thursday, March 22, 2012


Today we spent half a day working on painting here at Shalom and then got to head into San Salvador for a team outing.

1. Lynette, Kim, Grant, and Matt spent the morning wrapping up the tie-dying from yesterday's craft. We are going to give the shirts back to the kids tomorrow night at a bonfire with hot chocolate - quite a treat we hear! The shirts had to be rinsed, and then washed in the hottest water possible to set the dye - problem is, none of the multitude of washing machines here had hot water connected to them. Matt remedied that by scavenging in the shop, finding enough fittings to convert the showerhead into a standard hosebib connection and a muy grande garden hose to fill the washers.
2. The shirts all turned out great! We can't wait to see the kids wear them!
3. Painting projects are coming along, but seem to be taking longer than we anticipated. Our goal is to wrap up everything that we have started by tomorrow afternoon.
4. We had a great trip into San Salvador this afternoon. We enjoyed a very relaxing lunch outdoors at a cafe, took a hike to the top of the volcano, and then took in a typical market (tourist souvenirs). After a quick trip to Walmart - just like Walmart in the States with a few bits of local flavor - we made a final stop for helado - we all scream for ice cream!
5. We got to see a lot of the country today. The huge disparity between the few very rich (thus the Maserati dealership we passed) and then just about everyone else.
6. Reflecting on the kids here at Shalom, even seeing some of the country today, it's still hard to imagine what many of them have come from, or what their lives would be like if they were not here. They are loved, well fed, have safe shelter and clothes, get an education, and most importantly - have the opportunity to learn about Christ.

Lots of pictures today. We will post them when we are back in the states!

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  1. That is the "McGiver" in Matt. Thanks for all the pics and updates.
    Mom V