Sunday, March 18, 2012


Cliff notes version:
1. We arrived safely. Our one team member's passport did not make it so keep praying that she receives it tomorrow morning and can catch a Monday flight out of northwest Arkansas to Dallas in time to catch a flight to San Salvador.
2. There were three other mission groups on our flight. One team from Taylor University, a medical team including a JBU student and another team with some more U of A students.
3. The immigration and customs line was LONG and Luke was pretty unhappy that he wasn't allowed to run around, but we survived and were met by the orphanage van shortly after.
4. Upon arriving at Shalom we found out they didn't have an extra crib for Luke. (insert immediate anxiety on mom and dad's part- Luke is a VERY active sleeper). We couldn't be too disappointed though as they had just taken in two six week old babies who were abandoned - so they had a home. Nevertheless- it through us for a loop. We tried to craft a makeshift crib by pushing a futon against the wall - but there was nothing to keep him from crawling/diving over the end. Plan B: Luke share's the bed with mom. Dad on the futon. It worked(ish) for around six hours.
5. Rules about El Salvadorian culture. Always say 'hola' and smile:). Otherwise they think you don't like them. This is pretty counter cultural for us - but honestly kind of refreshing! There's way less "do I say hi, look at the ground, try to pretend I don't see them" just say hola and treat them like a nice friendly person:). Luke has even said "hola" to a few people!
6. Babies- there are six babies under two. And babies (whatever culture) still make the same noises (cooing, laughing, crying) and gestures (pointing) to get their point across to whoever is holding them.
7. Everyone LOVES touching Luke's hair. And they think he is mucho lindo (very CUTE)...people told us they would love him- but you just can't comprehend that until you see it in person.
8. We finally did get a crib. They are using a bigger crib for the two infants so Luke could have a crib. And we are VERY grateful for that...and Luke was too after his very long afternoon nap.
9. La gatas (the cats) -there are some cats around the orphanage compound that Luke loves to chase/pet/terrorize/love.

PS - we will post more pictures when we are back home.

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