Monday, March 19, 2012


1. Our teammate's passport finally came and she arrives tomorrow!
2. We were hoping to get into town to go to Walmart so that we could buy another crib or even a pack n play for Shalom. But, plans didn't quite work out and there was no room in the truck that was headed to town for any of us to go - and it was too difficult to try and explain what a pack n play was in our broken Spanish!
3. About an hour after the truck left, 2 more babies were dropped off by a government official. One is still wearing a hospital band and was abandoned there.
4. Now the need for cribs is huge! Thankfully since our team raised extra funds we will be able to buy three more cribs for the orphanage! God clearly provided for a need that we didn't even know was coming.
5. Luke spent the morning playing with the two and unders...and loved it. There's a little boy named Moises (near Luke's age, probably a little older) who loves peek-a-boo, being chased and tickled!
6. Our team primarily worked on painting projects today. Some members (including Matt) moved a couple hundred blocks from outside the worksite into the medical clinic under construction and up three flights of steps...with only a wheelbarrow, hard hats, and work gloves. And after watching the whole construction process, we definitely had the least strenuous task-everthing is done manually - sifting sand from gravel, bending and welding rebar, and carrying cement upstairs - the only powered equipment we saw were the two gas powered stationary cement mixers.
7. We all agree - the food here is amazing! Just don't buy anything off the street.

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