Monday, August 15, 2011

The growing chair...

Hi guys.  
These months just fly by so fast.  But mommy and daddy remembered to take my photo again today, 11 months from the day of my birth.  I decided to sit here all nice and such...trying to climb out of the chair was SO 9 months...

I've got 6 teeth now...and it is fun to chew on things.  Sometimes I chew on food...sometimes on mommy's finger, and sometimes on the coffee table.  Mommy and daddy don't seem to like that though.

Oh...and tonight we were at a picnic with all of the people that mommy and daddy work with.  See, they've been wondering for a while now when I'm going to learn how to move on two legs - I think it's called walking?  I decided that tonight would be a good time to show them all that I know how to know, since I had such a huge audience and all.  So watch out world - I'm now mobile on two feet!  I'm sure some video will be coming soon!

Love - Luke

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