Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daddy learns to belay

One of our reasons for moving to Arkansas, was for me to be able to stay at home, and work part time if I wanted.  And it conveniently works out that the Soderquist Center, uses experiential learning (i.e. initiatives and ropes courses) in their programs.  In March, the details were finalized and I've been helping out a few hours a week since then.  And it's working out really well for us!  

So why is Matt learning to belay?  Well, the center is very committed to standing by their values: trust, excellence, collaboration, relationships, and experiential learning.  One of the ways I have seen collaboration is learning that several of the staff (CEO, administrative assistants, area directors) are trained in various aspects to help at the ropes course - so they can help out when we're in dire need of extra hands during an event.    

Another one of the reasons Lynette-working-part-time actually works...Luke comes to work with me.  And in this case, while mommy was climbing, Luke was making sure daddy's technique was correct  taking his afternoon nap!  

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