Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Da Club

Last fall I really wanted to start a cooking club.  
At one point I even googled, "how to start a cooking club".  
I got really caught up on who to invite?  How big it should be? How often should we meet? Should we do whole dinners or just focus on one ingredient, etc.? 
So, it never happened.  

I recruited help. 
I started being referred to as a "bread expert".  
Word got around. 
Somebody told somebody and that somebody wanted to learn to make rolls. 
A "baking day", through the rumor mill, turned into a "baking club".  
And, then somebody, removed at least one degree from the above somebodies said they wanted to be part of the club.  

Who knew? 
We inadvertently started a baking club!  

Some of the cast of characters:
Erin.  Her resume includes art gallery curator, Peace Corp Volunteer, balloon artist, and chef.  

Aidan.  Who knows someone that my sister-in-law went to school with in South Carolina.  Small world!  

Jacob.  Grew up in Russia.  Lives in a chalet.  
Luke.  Crawling.  Spitting.  Class clown.  
 (Not pictured, yet...Nicole.  Baker extraodinnaire.  Hippie from Oregon!)

On this week's menu:
Sourdough Ciabatta  (very bottome left corner)
It's going to need some work...last time I checked ciabatta doesn't taste like plain white bread.

Cheesy Onion Focaccia   (pictured front and center)
I can't believe I'm going to say this...but we actually thought it needed LESS cheese.
But sometimes, less is more.  It was still absolutely delicious...even though it seemed more like a sauceless gourmet pizza.

Naan (back left)
This is REALLY great naan!  Melt.in.your.mouth.yum.  

And the stars of the day, Cinnamon-Sugar Pull Apart Bread and Monkey Bread.
They were so good!  We kept going back to them, armed with forks, and looking over our shoulders so we didn't get caught nibbling.  And then we collapsed onto the couch in a sugar - butter induced coma.
The pull apart bread was a relatively standard cinnamon roll recipe, with browned butter.  Browned butter is bursting with flavor.  It even smells caramelly and sweet.  (And, the "fan" presentation totally sold me - I'm already thinking personal pull aparts in muffin tins...but that means self-induced portion control...Idon'tknowifIcanhandlethat.)  

And, Jacob couldn't get enough of Luke.

 But, who can?

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  1. Sounds like fun!! Would definitely have trouble with self-control! If I come visit, can I be an honorary member?