Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Photos

You didn't want to see a family of pancakes?
So, sorry to disappoint.

Well, we'll get to family pictures, but first a recap of the past few days.  

I'm not much into decorating for holidays, outside of Christmas; especially if it requires shopping for decorations or storing said decorations.  Call me crazy, I'm just not a big shopper.  Somehow though, "free" decorations are completely legit.

paint chip garland
inspiration here

In other news...

Someone learned a thing or two last week about mobility.
And I'm not talking about my shock/disgust/angst at the rising cost of fuel for either of our automobiles.

That's right, at 7 months exactly, Luke decided "advance scooching" was "so 6 months old".

Finally, after a great Easter service at church this morning, we celebrated over lunch.

Luke and Ivy playing together.

Triple threat: Ivy (5 mo), Landric (9 mo), Luke (7 mo)
I think somebody was trying to be the class clown...

come here you...

Vong, Landric, Wes 
Evan, Ivy, Kilby

Lynette, Luke, Matt 

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