Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chip & Dip

Do you remember the Bun Off Run Off?  Well, it's time for the Chip & Dip recap!

Unlike my Maple Twist Rolls, I don't have a show-stopping go to, make you drool on your keyboard dip recipe.  So Matt and I waffled back and forth with a variety of ideas.  We seriously considered bringing our waffle iron and fondue pot.  Next time.  

I ended up making Jalapeno White Cheddar Hummus adapted from here.

Part of the fun for me was attempting to make pita chips.
To make pita chips, one must first make pita bread.
I've never succesfully made pita bread.
Why did I wait for a competition?
The same reason I always try a new recipe with guests.

I should have known from the start this wasn't going to work out so great.

Yes.  That IS a pita bread dough explosion in my fridge.

My pitas didn't really "puff".
Large blisters, yes. 
Big, puffy, chewy pocket.  No.

However - the chips turned out AMAZING!
I found this recipe for garlic cilantro infused olive oil pita chips.
Time consuming, yes.
Delicious, yes.
Totally worth the effort, yes.

But we didn't win.
To be honest, the hummus was lacking a kick.  I thought for sure with jalapenos it would have a nice kick to it.  I thought wrong.

Oh well - this corn dip was probably everything I wanted my hummus to be, multiple flavors definitely throwing a party in my mouth.  And well, it must have thrown a better party in the judges' mouths, because it won the "Best Overall".

Watermelon Salsa. 
You're thinking, "weird combination". 
I did too.
Surprisingly it was a stellar combination! 
Voted, "Most Original".  

 Mediterranean Dip

Texas Caviar
A twist on guacamole.

Spinach Dip 

 Another Guacamole variation. 
With homemade chips.  

Old Family Recipe Dip
The prizes!

Looking forward to another competition between the Soderquist Center and the Business Division.  

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