Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I spy something..

No, not the giant green explosion in the middle.
That's the cabbage from last fall that never really did it's thing.  

But do you see that, in the front of the cabbage???  

That is butter crunch lettuce!  
Growing in my garden.  
That I planted last fall.  
That I thought died, after the garden cover blew away.  

And if the butter crunch lettuce wasn't enough... you see it?  

Red leaf lettuce!!!  

And these were behind the cabbage.  
Seriously...those are full blown carrots...

And this iris was blooming on the edge of our neighbor's property.  

As was this daffodil.
Which is clearly trying to get out of jail.  

Oh, I guess I didn't find this guy in the garden.  
But, he did eat that leaf.  

"This is crunchier than applesauce."


  1. OH MYYYYY GOOOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I'm crazy jealous right now...crazy!! -Julie

  2. that is a lot of carrots! and an awfully cute little garden gnome:)