Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hiking buddies

The signs of spring are everywhere right now.  
The sun didn't go down until 6:45 last night.
I woke up to Luke crying birds chirping yesterday.  
There are daffodils blooming EVERYWHERE! 
And, you actually have to dodge roadkill again.  

We took advantage of the great weather a few weekends ago, and met Luke's friend Ivy to go for a little hike.  

Luke's really back there.
He's just hanging out in his super cool hand-me-down kiddie-backpack!  

Evan, Kilby, Ivy, and Zoe (the dog).  

We met Evan and Kilby in our birthing class this summer.  
There's something about doing pelvic rocks next to each other that just encourages bonding.  

Or maybe it's the pregnancy induced swollen feet and raging hormones.  

Or the fact that we go to the same church.  

I'll let you decide.  

All that to say, we like them.  And Ivy has the BEST HAIR.    

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