Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Recap!

Well, if you're anything like the majority of the American population, you were watching the Super Bowl last night. And hopefully gorging yourself in fabulous food!

We had the "Soderfellows" (GAs from Matt's office) over for a little party.

To celebrate a VERY AMERICAN tradition...(which why are they called the "World Champions"? Can someone please explain that to me?), ethnic foods were our theme.
And, wow...was it good (uhhmmm, forget to take pictures - I was too busy eating!).

Just imagine; Texas caviar, guacamole, Costa Rican layered tacos, Russian dumplings, and Greek mushroom/phyllo puffs. WOW.

To keep the interest of our not very football-versed party goers (3 out of 8 grew up oversees in Russia, Costa Rica, or Kenya), we had everyone fill out their predictions:



Who will win the coin toss?

What brand and product will be featured in the 1st commercial after the kickoff?

Who will score the first touchdown?

Who will score first?

What will the score at half-time be?

How many yards will Aaron Rodgers (GB QB) pass for?

What will the final score be?

Which team will kick the most field goals?

How many combined fumbles will there be?

How many combined interceptions?

How many sacs, combined?

What will the first commercial of the 3rd quarter be (product and brand)?

What car will be advertised without actually showing the car?

Which team will call the first time out?

Which team will use their coach’s challenge first?


1. It helped keep people's attention :)
What car will be advertised without actually showing the car?
This commercial didn't air until the 4th everyone was waiting anxiously!

2. We sifted through our "garage sale pile" to make prizes! (nothing like the Heritage Christian School cookbook for a prize!)

3. Mommy & Daddy thought it was a GREAT IDEA to make the Grand Prize a certificate for a "date night" (free babysitting!) with Luke.

Luke enjoyed the game too...sporting his Green & Yellow!
(He does have a Packers shirt, but it's still HUGE on him.)

Did your team win?
What was your favorite/least favorite commercial?
Do you watch for the game, the commercials, the half-time show, or some combination?

1 comment:

  1. My favorite team won!!! Go Packers!
    I watched for the game but would add that it was one of the better half time shows put on in a while. Ok Fergi may have been dressed a little trampy- But she has the body to rock it ;)
    Fav Commercial... not sure. I think I was too busy hosting and watching the game :)