Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Record Snowfall in Northwest Arkansas!

Snow day fact, we're probably going to have to shovel the whole alley if we're going to get the car out before it melts.  17" measured in the driveway, with many drifts deeper than that!  When is Luke old enough to shovel?
Somewhere there is a garden. And a woodpile. And a compost bin.

Perfect seat in the garage while dad shovels.

If I make enough bubbles...


More snow!

Why did mom take me under the deck?

And more snow!

Neighbors have a Jeep.  Dad wants a Jeep.  Anyone want to sell us a 2005-2006 Jeep Liberty CRD (diesel)?

Mommy looks short.

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  1. AW! I love seeing Luke in his snowsuit!! It looks so cozy & the inside is SO soft! I think Keston may have only worn it about 4 times. The pic of him blowing bubbles is my favorite. He is just so cute - looks like he's pudging up a bit too :)