Monday, February 14, 2011

The more we get together, together, together...

Three years ago, Matt and I went on our first date...which just happened to be Valentine's Day.  So while we aren't normally the type to celebrate the "Greeting card holidays"...we do like to remember where we were!  

Summer 2007:  The beautiful blonde that is the cause of all of this.  
(there's a very long and involved back story!)

Kiwi - currently serving as a Seeing Eye Dog

February 2008:  The infamous ski trip to Colorado that involved an "entanglement of bodies".  

May 2008:  Indy Mini

July 2008:  Fourth of July

July 2008:  Katie & Neil's Wedding, Gladstone, MI

October 2008:  Devil's Lake State Park, WI

Election Day, November 2008:  He asked, I said yes.  

April 2009: Square Dance at our Rehearsal Dinner

April 11, 2009 

Honeymoon, Vancouver, BC

September, 2009:  U2 in Chicago

October 2009:  Mulligan Honeymoon (Caribbean Cruise)

December 2009: Skiing in Colorado

March 2010: San Francisco 

May 2010:  The Housemate's Wedding 

July 2010: We like to eat.

August 2010:  It's (finally) Ours!  

September 15, 2010: Three's Company

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  1. That last pic is my favorite. Followed by the ice cream. :)