Monday, January 24, 2011

In case you didn't know

National Soup Swap day was January 22.

What is a soup swap?

There's really 5 steps:

1. Make a big pot of soup

2. Call up some friends

3. Freeze your soup in 6 individual containers

4. Come to Soup Swap
(read Luke's books if your a small child!)

5. Leave with 6 different soups

Overall the soup swap was a HUGE success!

We had TEN different soups to pick from. And really, they all sounded DELISH!

In no particular order:
Tortellini - Italian Sausage
Classic Minestrone
Chicken Tortilla
Carrot & Squash Curry
Pumpkin Chili
Zesty Black Bean & Veggie
Baked Potato
Chicken Taco
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato
Indonesian Sweet Potato & Cabbage

I'm so excited to have the tortellini, chicken tortilla, pumpin chili, carrot & squash curry, and Indonesian Sweet Potato & Cabbage soups in our freezer for later testing!

Recipes coming soon.


  1. seriously!? That is such a fantastic idea!!! Which one did you make...and are you going to post the recipe for those of us who didn't come to your swap ;) (did you see my blog? Just last week I posted a soup recipe for C'N & Wild Rice. Tis the season for soup!!)