Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRA-dition!!! (installment 4)

Duped: The year my sister had a "present" wrapped for her show choir performance. While filled with textbooks for the performance, it was unwrapped, and rewrapped with a gift for my brother. For once, he had NO IDEA!

Scavenge: Because my brother and I were such good sleuths…my mom would send us on EXTRAVAGANT scavenger hunts. We're talking across town people. Last year I used the same idea for my mother-in-laws gift (a KitchenAid mixer) was HILARIOUS! That's a story for another time!

Have you ever sent someone on a scavenger hunt for a gift? If so, what was it like?

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  1. You fail to mention that across town was NOT that far. I did a scavenger hunt for Ian's b-day when he was only three. I drew pictures of things around the house and he had to go to where that thing's location to find his next clue. It was quite successful. My MIL's comment was, "How creative of Trent!" Since I, apparently do not have a creative bone in my body!