Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be a Diva. Period.

If you don't want to read a post about anything related to "feminine needs" - STOP READING NOW!

This week I heard about a marketing firm that was looking for women to participate in a focus group. 2 hours on a Thursday night and $75 for your time!

Where do I sign up?

I called to get more information, and sure enough it was legit!

Focus Group Criteria:
  • first time mom
  • baby younger than 6 months
  • preferably started your cycle again
Well, for those of you breastfeeding moms, you know that last bulletpoint is just one of the advantages of breastfeeding, as it can delay your cycle for up to a year (SWEET!). But, they really needed women, so they let me participate.

The focus group was particularly related to your habits buying feminine products. (Like I said guys, you might not want to read this!) Interesting I thought to myself, besides post-partum needs, I haven't been down that aisle in YEARS. LITERALLY. (I'm not joking!).

I asked for a little advice from my marketing savy husband. How can I be a helpful member of the focus group if I don't necessarily fit the "average consumer" in that area. His advice. "Don't get on your soapbox and try to convert them all. Rather explain the reasons why you use what you do. Economical. Environmental. Health. etc."

There were six women participants. Our first task was to introduce ourselves, answer a few demographic questions including, "How often pre-pregnancy did you purchase feminine products?" Everyone else answered "1-3 months". I answered, "The last time I purchased feminine products was in 2007." (minus 1 replacement purchase as a result of a fire...that's a story for a different time)

A few eyebrows went up.

Please list on the notepad in front of you, what products you most frequently purchase, pre and post pregnancy.

My pre-pregnancy list was very short, in comparison, "The Diva Cup". (Like my savy husband recommended, I'll save my soap box for a different day.)

The evening continued, "We're going to vote on this list of 'features' of a variety of feminine products. Please vote for the three that are MOST IMPORTANT to you when deciding on a purchase. Lynette, I'm going to ask you not to participate."

Overall, it was definitely an interesting experience. I couldn't figure out if they were performing this research for a particular brand or a major retailer. Either way I left thinking the following things:
  • I'm not your average consumer.
  • I'm REALLY THANKFUL I'm not a regular visitor to "that aisle"
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my DIVA cup. LOVE. Because it's economical, environmentally friendly, free of NASTY chemicals and WEIRD scents, is amazing for an active lifestyle, and gives me an emotional "freeness" every month (other divas know what I mean)

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