Saturday, February 5, 2011

Watch out, there's a new man in town.

It was time.
Even good things can be made better.
Nettie's famous pizza included.

What is Nettie's famous pizza? Whole wheat crust with chicken, alfredo, pesto, spinach, and mozzarella.
So good. We even served it at our wedding.

Photo credit: Whonsetler Photography

Why change it?
Because when you move to Northwest Arkansas, the closest Giordanos Famous Chicago Style Pizza is approximately 9 hours away. That's not exactly "in town". Not cool. And sometimes you just want deep dish.

Not to mention, only one half of Matt and Lynette is madly in love with chicken/alreado/pesto/spinach/mozzarella pizza.
Wonder which half that is?

Anyway, we had to remedy our situation.

We commandeered a 14" deep dish pizza pan.

I spent hours researching pizza crust recipes.

We collected the world class ingredients.

I spent hours toiling over a hot stove preparing the perfect pizza sauce.
I worked my magic with the dough.

Assembled said deep dish pizza.

Waited impatiently for it to bake.

Devoured it.

What makes your perfect pizza?


  1. Oh my freaking gosh Lynette!! There's drool on my sweater...I'd ask you for your recipe but I'd rather just have you make it for me. Where's the nearest airport to you...I'm going to see how much a plane ticket costs :) hehehe

  2. When we come to Arkansas, that better be on the menu!

  3. Sooo . . . would you be willing to send your favorite Adela a copy of the recipe? Actually, I never got your famous pizza recipe. So maybe you could send me both? Yes? :)