Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That was Matts response when he saw these

I blended a handful of spinach into the water before I poured it into the oats.

Then garnished with cinnamon, chopped pecans, flax seed meal, maple syrup, and maple-cinnamon walnut butter.


(Don't judge, just trying to get my greens and Omega3s. And I hear oats are really good for breastfeeding moms. Okay - I'll eat them as much as possible!)


  1. I'd try it :) (shoot, anything that I don't have to make is a treat these days!) How do you blend your spinach? Do you have a food processor or do you use a blender? I need to invest in one or the other & can't make up my mind on which to get. (julie emerine)

  2. Do you blend your spinach in a food procssor or a blender? I need to invest in one or the other but I'm not sure which I should get. My boys LOVE their veggies but I'm all about sneaking in I'm sure they'd totally love green pancakes & green oatmeal :)