Monday, October 11, 2010

Bummin' around.

As promised, Luke's adorable little bum in a Bum Genius 4.0
(and a family pic! note: Lynette is wearing NORMAL jeans!!!)

And mommy's review: So far they are stellar!
We were able to wait until BG released version 4.0 this summer - which basically means, their pocket diaper with snaps (instead of just the velcro option). After talking to numerous friends, almost any mom that I ran into who's kid was wearing cloth diapers, any sales associate at a "nice" baby boutique (more on that later), and hours spent online researching user reviews - we made our decision!

My biggest concern was if they would fit baby's little bum as a newborn, obviously depending on how big our little nugget ended up being. This was about the only area where I was hoping that my experience would be similar to my sister's first born, 9 lbs, 15 oz - and my sister is tiny - I think she finally broke the 5 ft mark at twenty-something :) With that, we did commandeer two extra packages of newborn disposables before we left the hospital go get us through the gross newborn poo phase...Not to say that any poo isn't gross, but there are definitely levels of grossness. So at 7 lbs. 9 oz. we started using our BGs on Luke. I think the only "measurement" I can give you that I'm rating their success is that we've only experienced two minor blowouts. I think that's good. I'm going to believe it is. We are cheating and using the larger absorbent insert, instead of the newborn size. It just adds to the magnormous size of his already "due to cloth diapers" large bum. But it's so cute for your twenty something (days) to have a big bum! (If I may suggest a musical selection for this post, "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot).

On a side note, Matt and I learned something about ourselves recently. It seems that "to cloth diaper or not" is a relatively popular conversation among new parents these days, and for good reasons; sustainability, cost effectiveness, absence of chemicals on your baby's bum, etc. For us, there wasn't really a conversation or discussion. We made our decision (having both been cloth diapered) and that was it. Well, apparently someone recently said to Matt something to the effect of, "I wonder how long that decision will last." Matt's gut reaction was, "there is no other option". Which while discussing this conversation, we realized when we make our minds up about something, we don't change them.

Along with our cloth diapers, cloth wipes. My train of thought in regards to cloth wipes went something like this: make my own with paper towels and a solution mix that I found online > instead of using paper towels use flannel cut down to size with a solution > why waste the time cutting flannel down to size, just buy some cheap wash cloths and use the solution > buy microfiber cloths at Sam's Club, cut them down to size and just use water. It works great. And we are really glad we went with microfiber because the BG inserts are microfiber, so we can wash everything in the same load of laundry. Why did I decide against some kind of solution? I think every solution recipe I found had some sort of oil in it. Good or bad, I don't know, but after reading the cottonbabies website (the BG parent company), I decided against a solution because of the oil. I don't want to introduce anything to our BGs that might compromise their absorbancy. And I don't shower with oil, so I don't think I need to wash Luke's bum with oil. Just a thought. And one last reason for cloth wipes...I don't know how you change a diaper, but I put the wipes in the diaper, and fold it up to dispose of it. NOT a good method if you don't want to wash your disposable wipes with our ultra-fancy cloth diapers. Our method ensures that I won't be picking nasty disposable wipe residue out of my lint trap.

For you moms out there, what were your reasons for choosing cloth diapers?
For you future moms, hopefully this post gives you some helpful hints or tips for what may be in your future!


  1. The little girl I babysat last year had similar cloth diapers with snaps and I loved them - she never went out of them and they seemed really manageable. The cloth wipes is a GREAT idea! What solution do you use for the wipes then?

  2. Kim - we just use water. simple. and clean.

  3. Lynette, really enjoyed your cloth diaper review!!! Whenever Curtis and I have kids we are planning to cloth diaper. We were both cloth diapered too!!! I keep telling my mom that cloth diapers are so much "cooler" than they used to be. I'll have to show her your post so she can see what I'm talking about it!!! He's such a cutie!!!

    Nicole (Custis) Gordon

  4. i LOVE the BG pic! I didn't have them when Casey was that little. How do you find v4? We haven't had the money to get any right now, but could use a few more in the future. I think I would prefer poppers to velcro.
    We just use cloth wipes with plain water. Much kinder on little bums.:) I have made my own from a pair of flannel pj's, and I also have some fleece ones. Cutting up microfiber cloths is a good idea though.