Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's in a Name???

How did we come up with Lucas Gabriel Voss?

Prior to Luke's birth, among the Voss males there was a Matthew, Mark, and John...we thought it was appropriate to finish out the gospels :) "Luke" was easy to decide on. On our drive to AR from Marion (when I moved permanently), we finally had time to talk about possible names. What goes with Lucas Voss. While Matt drove, I opened some baby name websites on my phone and started suggesting ideas. None of which we were thrilled with. Then we started to think of family names. Matt's maternal grandparents' last name is Gabrielson - hence Gabriel. We obviously had to come up with girl names as well...maybe we'll have the chance to use that in a few years. As for the actual "naming" of was extremely emotional. After 24+ hours of labor and numerous decisions resulting in a c-section (the umbilical cord was wrapped around Luke, so every time I had a contraction his lifeline was being squished, and he wasn't getting enough oxygen). And to top it off, Matt's grandpa passed away in June - a few weeks after we decided on "Lucas Gabriel" - so it was especially meaningful when Matt announced "It's a boy", and said his name!

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