Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1...

That's today (for those of you who haven't consulted your calendars lately).
For the past five years the only major things of importance on my calendar were my housemate's birthday (Happy Birthday Kristi)! and the day's proximity to the start or end of New Student Orientation at Indiana Wesleyan. And, all of my life it has meant the Van Wert County Fair is in full swing or you're gearing up for an exciting week...uh...putting a halter on your steer for the first time in hopes that it behaves - which means it only partially drug you through the fairgrounds before you clamped a tight enough grip on its tail to slow it down.

This year September 1 has held an entirely new meaning since January when we found out we were expecting. It's an entirely new meaning that's still seems completely ambiguous, to me at least. Maybe today will be the day this little nugget decides to come out and play with the big kids. And maybe someone told him or her that grown up world is scary, and a lot of hard work. Be assured little nug, there are LOTS of people who are very excited to meet you, to love on you, and to watch you grow, and learn and discover how to walk and talk, how to communicate and love, how to forgive, how to give grace, and how cool opposable thumbs are! So whenever you are ready, mommy and daddy think we are too.

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