Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's in a Name???

How did we come up with Lucas Gabriel Voss?

Prior to Luke's birth, among the Voss males there was a Matthew, Mark, and John...we thought it was appropriate to finish out the gospels :) "Luke" was easy to decide on. On our drive to AR from Marion (when I moved permanently), we finally had time to talk about possible names. What goes with Lucas Voss. While Matt drove, I opened some baby name websites on my phone and started suggesting ideas. None of which we were thrilled with. Then we started to think of family names. Matt's maternal grandparents' last name is Gabrielson - hence Gabriel. We obviously had to come up with girl names as well...maybe we'll have the chance to use that in a few years. As for the actual "naming" of was extremely emotional. After 24+ hours of labor and numerous decisions resulting in a c-section (the umbilical cord was wrapped around Luke, so every time I had a contraction his lifeline was being squished, and he wasn't getting enough oxygen). And to top it off, Matt's grandpa passed away in June - a few weeks after we decided on "Lucas Gabriel" - so it was especially meaningful when Matt announced "It's a boy", and said his name!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Meet Lucas

Born: September 15, 2010, 4:16 PM Central
Weight: 7lbs 14ozs
Height: 19 9/16"

Random pics

Hello world!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crispy Nugget

i.e. Baby Voss

For those of you who are waiting with baited breath, keep waiting :)
How much longer you ask.
Wouldn't we all like to know!

In lieu of a status update on facebook, I decided to explain more thoroughly here.

Our due date was September 1, 7 days ago. Now for you parents out there, you already know that babies haven't exactly developed their sense of time yet. Feel free to pass that on to the medical and scientific world.

When we moved, and transferred care, we found an amazing midwife at a nearby hospital (a win/win for Matt and I. We get the consistency of always seeing the same care provider, and the safety and security of the hospital (NICU, etc - ah yes, the true sign of first time parents!). And one of the great things about our care provider is that she's Irish, so we like to think we have the luck of the Irish on our side. Well, it's fun to say anyway. The small disadvantage of this little fact - for us - is that she is leaving for holiday in Ireland on Tuesday.

What does all this mean?
Today was our 41 week check up. We had an ultrasound to ensure, in layman's terms, there is still enough amniotic fluid for baby. Then I had a fetal non-stress test. It basically monitors baby's heart rate and movement, which helps the doctor conclude that baby is getting enough oxygen. We passed both with flying colors.

The next steps:
Unless baby comes before Saturday, go back to the hospital for another stress test.
Tuesday, have another check up and stress test and make more decisions.

In the meantime:
PRAY specifically that baby comes before Monday. Why? Our midwife will still be in the country and more than likely be at delivery. AND, we really like our midwife (read - we would prefer her during delivery rather than whoever is on call).
AND, pray for patience for both of us. We are both ready and excited!
AND, pray for a safe and healthy labor and delivery for both mom and baby. (Read - our preference is no inducing, drugs, etc.)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1...

That's today (for those of you who haven't consulted your calendars lately).
For the past five years the only major things of importance on my calendar were my housemate's birthday (Happy Birthday Kristi)! and the day's proximity to the start or end of New Student Orientation at Indiana Wesleyan. And, all of my life it has meant the Van Wert County Fair is in full swing or you're gearing up for an exciting week...uh...putting a halter on your steer for the first time in hopes that it behaves - which means it only partially drug you through the fairgrounds before you clamped a tight enough grip on its tail to slow it down.

This year September 1 has held an entirely new meaning since January when we found out we were expecting. It's an entirely new meaning that's still seems completely ambiguous, to me at least. Maybe today will be the day this little nugget decides to come out and play with the big kids. And maybe someone told him or her that grown up world is scary, and a lot of hard work. Be assured little nug, there are LOTS of people who are very excited to meet you, to love on you, and to watch you grow, and learn and discover how to walk and talk, how to communicate and love, how to forgive, how to give grace, and how cool opposable thumbs are! So whenever you are ready, mommy and daddy think we are too.