Monday, August 23, 2010

The countdown

T minus 10 days until our due date.
Let's see if baby comes early, on time, or late?

Any guesses (birthday and gender)????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It was fly the coop.

After nothing short of an interesting closing at the bank on Friday, we were given the keys to our new house!
Friday was obviously a very busy day, moving everything from our storage unit to the garage, which is about as far as we thought we would get Friday night. Our main goal was to get to the back of the storage unit where our mattress was. We were gauging our progress on being able to sleep on our mattress that night (even if it was on the floor).

Little did we know that Ryan, Matt's boss, would almost single handedly move EVERYTHING from our storage unit to the U-Haul truck. Okay, well not quite. However, in less than 1 hour they had packed the entire 26 ft. U-Haul, just the two of them, in triple digit heat. Matt was back at the house by 4:15pm, and fresh blood had just arrived to help unload! As furniture started showing up in the living room I staked claim on our overstuffed chair with the ottoman, and proceeded to direct traffic with my swollen footsies propped up. By 5:15 when the Soderquist CEO showed up to help, there were 4 things left on the truck! Our crew redefined lightning speed.

Matt and I accomplished our goal: to sleep on our mattress, in our house on Friday night!

Saturday morning our friend Libby came over and finished unpacking the kitchen, which Jacob started Friday night. In less than 24 hours my kitchen was unpacked, organized, and our stellar Bosch dishwasher was (and still is) being put to the test. Saturday afternoon, more fresh blood came to help! Gary and Ken helped Matt assemble our bed, a challenge for even the most able bodied builder/craftsman type. Don't tell, but they did consult the directions. Meanwhile, Danielle and Missy brought boxes to me, in my chair, and I told them where everything went. We were even able to move our cars into their home, after making our last trip to the chicken coop for our final odds and ends.

In our house in Marion, we finally got around to hanging up all our artwork after our one year anniversary...the day before Matt was offered the job in AR. In an effort to a) get the last few boxes out of the living room and b) make this feel like home faster, we hung up artwork on Sunday night! (And, thanks to Gary or Missy for making what few toys we have, look like they are on display at a toy store!).

We are not quite done unpacking everything, but...we are further along than we ever anticipated.
And I do have one thing to pack...the hospital bag.

On behalf of Matt, me, Baby, and Mari (our midwife who was pretty adamant about me not overextending myself)
THANK YOU to the following wonderful folks - we couldn't have done it without you:
Ryan, Marikit, Stephen, Aaron, Ken, Chuck, Jacob, Danielle, Gary, Missy, and Libby.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Going green

Matt and I started birthing classes a few weeks ago, and we decided to go with the "Bradley Method". This method is highly concerned with mom's eating habits during pregnancy. They even give you a journal every week to keep track of all the things you are supposed to be consuming! Every day mom is supposed to consume (in servings):

4 milk/dairy
2 eggs
2 proteins (meat, beans, etc.)
4 whole grains
1 vegetable
2 green vegetables (leafy greens)
3 fats
1 source of vitamin C
80-100 grams of protein
Water (to thirst)

5 yellow/orange fruit or vegetable
3 whole baked potatoes
Liver (once a week, optional)

That seems like SO MUCH food. My biggest struggle is leafy greens. I've struggled with eating them raw for most of the pregnancy. Sensitive gag reflux, so much chewing, can't really explain it. And then I was reminded of the "green smoothie". So I thought, done. I'll put spinach in my smoothies and I'm golden. Well, I've also realized my appetite goes in "phases". I can eat the same thing for about a week and then I don't want to touch it for at least 2! So after 1 week of green smoothies (literally at least 1 every day) - I had enough.

Over the weekend, I really wanted blueberry pancakes - and I have this fabulous recipe from This morning I wanted them again, and decided if spinach doesn't make my smoothie taste funny, it probably won't change the taste of pancakes. And it didn't! Green pancakes taste surprisingly like not green pancakes, and CHECK - one serving of leafy greens for the day.