Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

yeah...I'm not very good at it.
Why is it that so many of life's major changes involve SO MUCH waiting.
Getting engaged - waiting for him to pop the question
Marriage - waiting for the wedding day
Jobs - waiting to hear they received your resume, waiting for an interview, waiting for their decision
Babies - waiting 9 months (excluding adoption, and other situations)
Buying or selling a house - waiting on an offer, accepting/rejecting the offer, waiting for the keys.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Matt and I are getting good at it. Kind of.
Actually we've been incredibly, unforseeably, and unexplainably blessed!
Yes, we had the standard waiting to get engaged and get married (and add in there - waiting to find each other, which took us a little longer than the average IWU grad!).

We didn't really have to wait for baby (oops.) - well, outside of the expected 9 months or 40 weeks, hopefully in our case - 41 or 41.5!

We haven't REALLY had to wait on a house to sell. We've sold two houses in the last 360 days (yeah - I don't think that's normal)...both of which were on the market for about 10 days. Abnormal for Marion and Fishers, at the point in time we sold.

And now we are waiting for our house in Arkansas to be finished. In the builder's defense, at least we don't have to live in the mess and the smell. Thanks to my pregnant nose - paint smells SO MUCH WORSE than it did a few months ago! In the waiting, we have become professionals at breaking in to our own house. Legitimately. Every couple of days we stop by after dinner and hope that they forgot to lock one of the windows. Last night, using the heat pump and some impressive acrobatic skills, Matt was able to get in one of the windows, and then let me in the side door! Not in my current state - you know I would have just followed his lead. Our house is getting to the point, where it's so close to being done, it's almost painful to visit, and then go back to the chicken coop.

I actually think the "anxiousness" we are both feeling to be in our house, is probably very similar to what parents at this same stage feel (34 weeks). For the first time this morning, I was actually frightened. I receive an email every day from "". Today, "pack your bag for the hospital". Uhm. Uhm. Uhh. No...not yet. Seriously? No...that's crazy. We're still 6 weeks out. I'm sure there are other moms of summer babies out there who couldn't wait to escape the discomfort of swollen feet and fingers, and bring their little one into the world. Nope. I'll take another 7 weeks! I mean, yes, swollen feet, fingers, pretty much everything swollen - is NOT fun. Heartburn, also not my favorite side effect. Incredibly diminished stomach capacity, when you're supposed to be consuming 300 more calories/day, kind of a bummer. I'm allowed and encouraged to eat more (there's not many opportunities for that as a female in America!) - and I'm full after a granola bar, only to be unbelievably hungry one hour later. But, I really want our stuff from Indiana to be here and have some time to unpack our house before baby comes, especially that one box of baby stuff we acquired. Those onesies might be handy when baby gets here!

So here's hoping that our adorable new house is inhabitable before baby gets tired of its current habitat.

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