Monday, July 26, 2010

So long Storybook.

Today is the day.
All of our possessions (that wouldn't fit in the Mercedes or VW) were loaded into a moving truck, and will soon be headed south.

A HUGE thanks to Todd & Julie (and David), for taking care of the place since we left, and even mowing the weeds that were taking up residence on Race Street.

We closed on the Storybook House two weeks ago, and the buyer gets the keys tomorrow. SO SURREAL.

In the meantime our "still needs a name" new house is SO CLOSE to being done. SO CLOSE. We found SMASHING DEALS on our appliances (well, maybe except the microwave), and delivered the refrigerator and range on Saturday. From my "not construction oriented perspective" - I think the only things they have left to do are:

hang all the interior doors
tile the hearth
install two more countertops (the small ones by the range)
put all the doorknobs/locks on
pour the driveway
pour a sidewalk (we think)
lay hardwood and carpet
put up towel bars, etc

I really think that's it.
We seriously can't even describe how excited we are to move in...
officially AUGUST 14!!!!

You might be wondering what I do with all my free time! And how I'm managing having so much. Quite honestly I wasn't sure I would adjust well, but it has been a HUGE HUGE blessing. I've had a couple of opportunities to observe groups at The Soderquist Center. I've been slowly working on DIY Christmas present ideas. Reading lots and lots of reviews of baby stuff. Updating the blog. And...reading for fun!

So far I finished:
The Glass Castle - Wow, an eye-opening look at poverty; the how and why people get there from one insider's perspective. Frustrating at times.

Kabul Beauty School - Inspiring, to say the least. Great, quirky author. Another inside look at the layers of oppression women face in so many other cultures. And how a little bit of gumption can go a long way!

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