Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One month down...I haven't melted yet

So I spent 3 hours Monday afternoon weed the hot Arkansas sun. It rained that morning, creating humidity, and it was nearly 90 degrees out. But, I survived! Surprising, really. Before leaving Indiana, I was warned countless times about the heat, humidity, and even man-eating mosquitoes that I'd find in Arkansas. But, with enough sunblock, water, and bug spray, it really isn't that bad. Plus, there are lakes, mountains (small ones), and great scenery to take in. I've never experienced starlit skys back in Indiana like I've seen here in Arkansas. Yes, it's only been a month, and the summer heat isn't here quite yet...but...Arkansas is really a great place! You should come and visit sometime!

I know, I know...what does weed eating have to do with my job? And why did it take 3 hours? The Soderquist Center has a property called Greystone Estate it's our Executive Development Center - a beautiful huge home, and it sits on nearly 100 acres overlooking Beaver Lake. We had a staff work day to help do some lawn maintenance, mulching, and more. And with that much property, weed eating is a never-ending task!

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