Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good bye Storybook house

So many memories...
The round door...reason #1 why I bought it!
Yeti's ball rolling to the kitchen sink, because the floor was sinking.
Students and neighborhood kids sledding off the hill.
The neighborhood kids sledding down Nelson street.
Late night talks with the housemate - about anything and everything!
Kiwi ripping up the awesome brick linoleum flooring in the kitchen.
Kristi and I deciding to rip out the carpet upstairs.
The mural that used to be in the master bedroom.
The baby blue wrought iron banister.
The kitchen lighting project, which turned into a 2 year adventure, including marriage.
Being roommates with Heather again.
Matt getting his head stuck in the ceiling.
Chad unclogging the kitchen drain.
Matt & Chad moments...I guess they didn't get enough footsy at the office.
Comments about hookers and strippers (while rewiring the entire house).
The bright green sunroom!
The drunk guy on Nelson street...and the EMTs who knew him by name.
Matt's early morning chats with neighbors, specifically one!
Walking to first friday.
Walking to Gus'.
The Riverwalk.

What's your favorite memory of the Storybook house?


  1. How about the time Kiwi decided to slurp up the left-over oil that we left outside to cool?

    Or the time we decided to paint the foyer and adjoining hallway up the stairs...using a crappy ladder from Jana's that nearly risked both of our lives several times?

    The massive fridge (which stood partly empty most of the time).

    Having 2 foreign-exchange kids help us move in a piano...after your dad back up his truck next to the pick-up truck on the retaining wall in the back...

    Or the death walk to the garage on cold, icy mornings due to a sloping and treacherous alley...

    Or sitting on the porch to talk, each, or just chill on a warm, cool, or even chilly night...grilling asparagus

    Or the Beagle across the street who's neck I wanted to ring everytime it barked...

    Bringing home 200 pounds of cow. Yes, cow. and putting it in the freezer downstairs (which was an adventure in and of itself getting the freezer down there!)

    Walking to Jana's to get random yard and house-work tools...and getting verbally harrassed by the two dogs in the alley.....

    Yeah, it was a good house. And it all started with the round door.

  2. Writing with you and Heather as Matt wanted company in the bathroom...SO great!