Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arkansas? Who moves to Arkansas?

Someone has asked me that recently. Other favorites would be - "You're not moving to Arkansas...wait...are you?" and "You know it gets really hot down there, don't you?" When I first learned of a possible job opportunity there, my first thought was "where is Arkansas?" Fortunately, Google Maps had the answer. And, when I flew down to interview, I discovered that Arkansas (at least the Northwest corner of the state) could actually be a really nice place to live! (except when it gets to be super hot and humid in the summer)

As most of our family and friends already know...we are moving to Arkansas...Siloam Springs, Arkansas to be exact. I begin my new position with the Soderquist Center for Leadership & Ethics ( on May 24...very, very soon! So, finishing up a myriad of house projects, orchestrating a move, saying goodbye to friends and coworkers, selling our house, finding short-term housing, hopefully buying a new house, selling a car, fixing up a car, AND getting ready for a baby. Life's a little busy, to say the least. But, it's also very, very exciting, and we're having fun. Looking back, It's amazing to see how the Lord's hand has been involved in this process every step of the way.

So...for anyone looking to move to Marion, Indiana...there's a great house you just have to see. Click over to for info & photos :)

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