Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Year to Remember

A bathroom remodeling project, a trip to Houston, a trip to Vegas, a trip to Seattle, a last chance to be roommates, a wedding, a honeymoon, a new adventure, another trip to Seattle, a breath taking train ride from Seattle to Vancouver, a day trip to Whistler, a restructuring of priorities, a successful Indy Mini, a new deck, a road trip to Clemson, a new car, a trip to Orlando, a friend’s death, a house sold, a hail storm, a house with new siding, a trip to Chicago, a road trip to Gladstone, a Voss version of extreme home makeover, another wedding, a trip to the White House, a climbing trip to the Gorge, a reunion of past and present adventurers in KY, a midnight hike on the Knobstone, an epic concert, a Boca reunion, a second honeymoon in the Caribbean, an unexpected night in Atlanta, a trip to Dallas, a trip to Phoenix, a Thanksgiving with new family, a trip to Columbus, a soap making extravaganza, a burst pipe, a collapsed ceiling, a first Christmas, and New Years Eve in Denver...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! Join us as we keep you updated on the latest happenings in our life. Hopefully in the future it won't be 1 whole year in 1 paragraph. We know - it's a little overwhelming. We're not exactly sure how we survived last year. I get tired just reading what we did.